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sábado, 29 de diciembre de 2007

Happy New Year

For all people that read my blog, from Chile I wish you the best desires for the new year.

Para toda la gente que lee mi blog, desde Chile los mejores deseos para el nuevo año.

If you sow a friendship,
with caress plant,
and fertilize it with patience,
prune it with the truth,
and transplante with faith,
'cause it needs time and to grow

(From the song 'La rosa de los vientos' )

(Original lyric)

Si tú siembras una amistad
con mimo plántala
y abónala con paciencia
pódala con la verdad
y transplántala con fe
pues necesita tiempo y crecer

(De la canción ' La rosa de los vientos')

Regard from the celebration 2006-2007 in Valparaíso, Chile.
Recuerdo de la celebración 2006-2007 en Valparaíso, Chile.

martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

Holiday Time

In this period of holidays, the most beatiful of the year for me, every corner of the house impregnates with the heat and the spirit of christmas.
My son Benjamin like Santa... welcome to my house.

I like very much to decorate with christmas trees, mini Santa Clauss, and manger of Jesus. Bring in to the hall of access, the first thing that you see is the christmas tree decorate only with red and golden balls, and a small souvenir that my children put there.

Above the console table I join three pines, one of them I paint in ceramic long time ago, another is with decoupage y other is with hanging (they are break) and an earring (he lost his brother). On the wall of this place there is a mini quilt of christmas tree.

Every year I get or I make a manger. I put the smallest above the chimney, like of the peruvian handicrafts. On the furniture, beside of the chimney, there is a manger of ceramics that is incomplete, and above the wall there is another that I sewed one year ago.

Above an old trunk (it is waiting for the restauration) that I use like table of center, there are a lot of adornments like the Big Santa, the basket, the boot (painted for me), and the tree with buttons that I made for this occasion.

This year I incorporate the christmas decoration to the kitchen dinette and the family room. With garlands, cups, teapots and pies I remain the nativity in the kitchen, and with clothes on one of my armoire.
As we are in summer, my Santa is swiming in the swimingpool.

Like bonus track, this is a pciture with my brother Antonio when we were child. The picture was take in 1963, long time ago, hehe.