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martes, 11 de diciembre de 2007

Holiday Time

In this period of holidays, the most beatiful of the year for me, every corner of the house impregnates with the heat and the spirit of christmas.
My son Benjamin like Santa... welcome to my house.

I like very much to decorate with christmas trees, mini Santa Clauss, and manger of Jesus. Bring in to the hall of access, the first thing that you see is the christmas tree decorate only with red and golden balls, and a small souvenir that my children put there.

Above the console table I join three pines, one of them I paint in ceramic long time ago, another is with decoupage y other is with hanging (they are break) and an earring (he lost his brother). On the wall of this place there is a mini quilt of christmas tree.

Every year I get or I make a manger. I put the smallest above the chimney, like of the peruvian handicrafts. On the furniture, beside of the chimney, there is a manger of ceramics that is incomplete, and above the wall there is another that I sewed one year ago.

Above an old trunk (it is waiting for the restauration) that I use like table of center, there are a lot of adornments like the Big Santa, the basket, the boot (painted for me), and the tree with buttons that I made for this occasion.

This year I incorporate the christmas decoration to the kitchen dinette and the family room. With garlands, cups, teapots and pies I remain the nativity in the kitchen, and with clothes on one of my armoire.
As we are in summer, my Santa is swiming in the swimingpool.

Like bonus track, this is a pciture with my brother Antonio when we were child. The picture was take in 1963, long time ago, hehe.

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ArtsyMama dijo...

What a lovely home and wonderful holiday story. Thanks so much for sharing. So interesting to see santa swimming while I sit in Minnesota in the icy cold. As you can see on my blog, I try to keep my home comfy cozy, but it definitely has a winter feel. I love the WARMTH in yours!
Happy Holidays!

Anónimo dijo...

Aww what a great picture! I love it! You have a wonderful house and those garlands were awesome! Your stockings were great too!
Have a wonderful Christmas!


She'sSewPretty dijo...

su case es muy bonita. Gracias por compartir! And thanks for letting me practice my Spanish!

jen dijo...

Your home looks wonderful!! Oh, to be so warm as to jump in a pool. Heaven!

Cathy dijo...

Maria, I love your wall quilts, they are beautiful!

Cathy :)

The Rose Room dijo...

Hello Maria Elena, your house is beautiful and your Santa looks so special. It was funny to see him out of his Santa clothes and swimming!!! Merry Christmas and Blessings - Rachael - xo

Kirst dijo...

I love the rustic feel of your home the entrance to your home, oh my, I just love it! the fire place with the chunky timber makes the room very so cozy and the stocking are beautiful hanging in front of it .
Thank-you for letting me into your home.
Adeline Country Cottage

Paul-ene dijo...

oh fun! Warm weather Holiday Home. I'm from Minnesota and it's snowy white here. Love to see Santa swimming in a huge, gigantic POOL! Love your warm holiday home......thanks for sharing and have fun blog party surfing!

Scrappy Jessi dijo...

this is so sweet. i love that your son was so willing to help out. cute boy! love your home.

Adeline's Shabby Cottage dijo...

You have a wonderful home!! I love the garlands! I would love it to be warm enough to swim at Christmas here! That was such a cute picture of Santa taking a break to swim!!
Merry Christmas!

black eyed susans kitchen dijo...

Just beautiful, and your son is adorable in his santa outfit! Love your stockings. Susan

Southern Heart dijo...

Everything is lovely! and your son's a handsome Santa, too! I loved seeing your photos and reading about the holidays in your home!

xo, Andrea

~Becca~Bluebird Rose dijo...

Your home is lovely!! I especially like the nativity set, and your son as Santa of course!!
Please stop by and visit my holiday home too!

Rhondi dijo...

Thank you for inviting us into your home. I liked the quilted wallhangings you made. I also am a quilter.

Debbie dijo...

What a great post. I love that Santa was there to great everyone. Your home is full of holiday spirit! Your mantle reminds me of the one my father made with wood from his property. Everything is just beautiful. Merry Christmas...
(I think your old trunk looks great just the way it is!)

Miss Sandy dijo...

You Santa is the cutest I've ever seen! I love the curly toed stocking hanging over your fireplace. You home and decor are charming! Merry Christmas!
Miss Sandy

AmyB dijo...

Muchas Gracias for sharing your buena holiday casa! - Amy B

PJ dijo...

Absolutely love your home! Love the Christmas quilt wall hanging as well...and of course, the splash in the pool...of course when I'm with a coat on and have a few inches of snow on the ground! Found your blog through a blog highlighting what everyones houses look like!

Alison Gibbs dijo...

Thanks for sharing youe chritmas decor with us. It all looks lovely.
Your quilts are gorgeous.

wanderlustandpixiedust dijo...

Your house is so lovely and looks so warm! Happy Holidays!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven dijo...

I want to go swimming in your pool!!! Everything is just gorgeous. Love that tree in the entry. Since my yard is full of snow it was nice to see Christmas with greenery!

het lieveheersbeestje dijo...

I love your home, your decorations and specialy your private Santa!!!
Your decorating is great, thank your for showing it to us all over the planet..

greatings from the Netherlands,
Mama Lieveheersbeestje.

Southern Lady's Vintage dijo...

I love all of your wall quilts. A craft that I would love to learn! Beautiful!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Amy P dijo...

Lovely, mmmm that pool looks inviting too!

Fete et Fleur dijo...

I would love to go swimming in your gorgeous pool! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your home.

Merry Christmas!

Valita dijo...

What a cute little boy you have. I love all the mangers. Your stockins look so fun. Thank you for sharing.

Beth Leintz dijo...

Its so nice that Benjamin will dress up like Santa Claus! And its fun to see Christmas decoration from such a warm place!

Marina Capano dijo...

Hola vecina! que bueno encontrar a alguien cerquita de casa. Muy lindo todo, hermosa pileta!! realizare un link a tu pagina.
saludos desde Argentina!!
Visita mi blog!!

Barbara Jacksier dijo...

Hola de Virginia

I enjoyed your open house tour very much

Anónimo dijo...


Mary dijo...

Love your litle "Santa" -- he's adorable! What a beautiful house you have! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Pinkie Denise dijo...

Your home is beautiful, love your Nativities, Thanks for inviting us and stop by for my Christmas Tea Pinkie Denise

Dayami dijo...

Hi Maria,
Lovely home!!! Que la pases bien estas navidades con toda tu familia y que el año entrante te traiga salud y amor.

BeachysCapeCodCupboard dijo...

What a beautiful home you have! I love the sweet photo of you and your brother! And your son makes a very cute Santa!

Anónimo dijo...

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