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jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2007

Un cuento ( A tale )

Cuando realizo un trabajo, además de usar varias técnicas que he aprendido, me gusta desarrollar una historia. Algo real o ficticio, que cada vez que lo observo, ya sea en un jarrón, una ventana, un cuadro o una colcha, disfruto recordando la historia que un día inventé.

Cuando leí sobre el desafío de Blogger Craft en el Blog Beachyscape cod cupboard, me gusto la idea, busqué algo donde hacerlo y encontré esta lata en forma de lechero desechada en el jardín. Ahora el tema era que podría hacer con la fotografía, y ahí decidí crear otra historia, un "Diario de Viaje" de un grupo de mujeres inglesas a Chile. El final es el que cada persona desee.

Gracias por conocerme.

When I do some work, in addition to using various techniques that I have learned, I like to develop a story. Something real or fictitious, that every time I look at it, either in a vase, a window, a picture or a quilt, I enjoy recalling the story that one day I have invented.

When I read about the "Blogger Craft challenge," I liked the idea, I looked up and do something where I found this tin in the form of dairy vase, discarded in the garden. Now, the topic was what it might do with the photograph, and hence decided to create another story, "Journal of Travel" of a group of British women to traveling from England to Chile. The end is the one that everyone wants.

Thanks for Know me.
Maria Elena

Here are the pictures:

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Sweet Remembrance dijo...

What a lovely creation!
I think it's wonderful...

LiLi M. dijo...

Hi Maria Elena,
One of the good things about this challenge is that I'm visiting people who I otherwise perhaps never should meet. I love what you have done, using your imagination, though keeping it close to you. I'm off, hopping again, Love LiLi M.

She'sSewPretty dijo...

Muy bella!

Inspired Tokens dijo...

Love your blog...I'm visiting because of the crafter's challenge. I love what you did. I would have never thought of doing anything like that. It's beautiful. I hope you'll stop over at my blog and take a look at my challenge. I can't wait for another!

bluemuf dijo...

love the story and your beautiful creation.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard dijo...

So very lovely, and what a wonderful idea! I never would have thought of using an old tin, and I think what you have done is very beautiful! Thank you for participating! I will be doing another one of these challenges soon, using a wedding photo from the same album. =)